Yogini Jeanie


Registered as a yoga teacher with Yoga Alliance, I received my training from founder, Dr. Jaime Sanchez at the West-East Healing School of Yoga. My studies at WE Yoga focused on anatomy, physiology, and intensive class sequencing design with emphasis on Sivananda, Iyengar and Hatha yoga styles, the principles of Ashtanga Vinyasa, Bandhas, and Pranayama, as well as the philosophy of the Yoga Sutras. You can find me in Saint Louis, Missouri, USA teaching Vinyasa flow and Hatha yoga classes, guiding students how to link breath to movement. I also have lots of fun incorporating my dance background, leading ballet barre exercises. tumblr_luo25sxgzi1qdyb9oo1_4002

Growing up attending my mother’s Pilates, Ho’opiopio (Hawai’ian for “Rejuvenation”), and nutrition classes, I was fortunate to learn the value and importance of physical fitness, from a young age. There was always a focus on how the body works across my dance lessons and team sports as well, that taught me to understand bio-mechanics and to disciple myself in practice.  It wasn’t until I began studying psychology at the University of Illinois, that I delved deeper into how the brain and mind work with the body. It was also during college when I experienced the calming effects of yoga, that other activities did not achieve for me. As my views on maintaining health and wellness changed, I shifted my thinking from the reliance on pharmaceuticals and surgery as the norm, when it comes to feeling better. I prefer a proactive approach through responsible nutrition and injury and illness prevention, as a way of increasing ones quality life.


After graduating with my Bachelor’s in Science, I practiced yoga devoutly while living abroad in South Korea. There I learned how to reeducate the nervous and muscle systems, strengthen the body, and reduce stress with yoga to undo the damage of daily misalignment and anxieties. I returned to the States from my year abroad and enrolled in yoga teacher’s training to be able to spend my life sharing the restorative benefits of yoga, and am always happy to hear others’ experience with it.

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