Time Travel

08. 04. 2009

On Supper

We choose food that is quickly prepared and eat it just as quickly, so missing out on the ceremony and ritual of the table and the conviviality and companionship of eating together. And when we start feeling like eating some more food a couple of hours later, it rarely occurs to us that this is a sort of psychological hunger, an expression of the emotionally unsatisfying and solitary way in which we have eaten.

Bad Food Britain – How a nation ruined its appetite by  Joanna Blythman

08. 24. 2009
Bad Hair Cut
Why can’t salons be sanctuaries like they seem to have once been?

I didn’t want any length taken off as I had gotten it cut just a few days ago and just wanted one more layer added. I don’t know if it’s common to cut hair dry but it just felt wrong and the inches started coming off. I didn’t interrupt her though because I thought since I told her exactly what I wanted, she must just be doing her job, I don’t know, she’s the stylist. But after looking at it in the mirror when I got home (she didn’t let me see it at the salon), I felt like I really got screwed as far as getting a bad hair cut goes. It’s actually not BAD, it’s just not me.

 An understanding beautician blogs, “What is it that you would want to make YOU happy?? that’s what i ask when a client calls with a complaint i would ask for my money back…I’m a salon owner and that would not be an unreasonable request ..if your not happy you should not have to pay and even if you already did like one post said the initial shock has worn off.”

01. 09. 2010
Chambana Vintage Shops
Joleen and I stopped by Carrie’s in downtown Champaign today for their January Mega Sale. I found a boxing print to hang above my TV and dream of becoming the next million dollar baby.  Without the accent or paralysis.  Saw so many cool things to buy for friends there as well.  Take a look at their pill box, zippo, and cigarette tin collection. We headed to Second Hand Rose in Urbana afterwards, where we found this adorable apron with attached hand towel for $7.50 (1/2 off). SHR is a little more of an antique than vintage store, but with their wall-to-wall collections you’ll probably find what you’re looking for -though their prices are a little steep. I’d rate Carries $ to $$ and SHR $$ to $$$$. The owners are a friendly couple who’ve had years of experience appraising, and they really know their vintage stuff so they can help you locate what you’re hunting.

01. 10. 2010
Reading The Bohemian Manifesto again, going to look-up all the intriguing, mysterious, French, redundant, puzzling, arbitrary, words I don’t know and’ve always just skimmed over and hopefully treat myself with learning a thing or two.

It is a good book, by the way, I always pick it up at the right time. When I’ve let school, work or people continue to get the best of me until I burn out. Which! I am starting to feel set in, SO! First word: Languedoc. “[Bohemians] drive a school bus despite the parking challenges…and eat porridge while drinking Languedoc.” I’ve gathered it’s a drink.  And can’t find anything else on it online. Anyone know more on it? It’s nice not being able to find it all on the internet, actually. Kind of gives the book merit. That not all it’s alluring and beautifully unconventional ideals can be regurgitated by some overly excitable girl who’s seen Funny Face a couple times.

02. 03. 2010
I’m too angry to rant about how bad the radio sucks…Here is a picture of a pirate radio party from across the pond in the sixties. When everyone listened to rock and didn’t settle for garbage! I love everyone’s hair. The only thing worse than bad music is having to listen to it over and over again!! Scan! Scan! Scan! Also, A Fun Look at Pirate Radio, the times, and The Boat that Rocked:

02. 14. 2010
Happy Valentine’s Day
Flicker users have posted more of those adorable vintage valentines.

03. 13. 2010
Taking my first spring break vacation ever this year. Staying at the v. retro, Postcard Inn on the beach at St. Pete’s (Clearwater). Got an amazing deal, flight and hotel for 4 days for less than $500 each! I’m not making a damn plan. All I have to say is cabana room & beach bar.
Flying is always fun. Wish it was still treated like an occasion though. Suits w. skinny ties, gloves and hat boxes make for better surroundings than dumpy sweat pants and that basterd that takes his sandals off to put his dry, cracking feet up on my arm rest…
03. 30. 2010
Time Capsule on The Hill
So I just read from another pretty little blog, Retro Renovation about this 1955 St. Louie time capsule. The owners lived in the lower level of the house for decades and just never touched the main floor. Now it’s a collectable.

04. 04. 2010
Here comes Peter Cottontail
And here are some vintage Easter cards for you:

Except these are uh, pretty weird.

What is even going ON here?

And who’s fantasy is this? Apparently a lot of peoples: blonde egg girl, naked egg girl

04. 27. 2010
Summer couldn’t get here any slower. Round 2 of the all-nighters about to begin…just as soon as I finish this bag-o-yogurt covered raisins, organize my desk, tweet, eat something else, harvest my crops and finish adding album artwork to all those blank iTunes eighth notes. This is important stuff I’m doing. Also, I really don’t like this thing at all, it’s tacky, but they say this is “great for confusing grandparents & local Luddites.” 1 CS paper down, 2 music journal entries, 1 World Religions paper to go.

05. 03. 2010
2 1/2 hours of driving home from Chicago on I-57 all boiled down to getting pulled over just feet away from the I-74 exit ramp…85 in a 65. Unexpected expenses are going to be the death of me.

05. 05. 2010
Bicycle Bliss

This is my very own vintage Schwinn 10 speed in copper. It has front and back lights powered by a small generator on the back wheel which took me some time to figure out how to set on & off. It is awesome though and I’ve used it every single day since I got it! Now I just need a rack above the back wheel for my books or a basket. The best part is, now when I’m running late for class…I’m not!

05. 07. 2010
Information Technology
The absurd impulse to check Facebook every half hour has seriously gotten in the way of any worthwhile studying this semester. BUT having a data plan on my new palm pre+ has allowed me to quit checking for updates, nearly cold turkey.

I don’t need to check and see if anyone has replied, commented or liked anything because if they do, my lovely little phone will ding it at me. Letting me finish my assignments in one smooth, constructive setting.

Too bad nothing will ever stop me from putting a gen. ed paper, 20 page requirement or not, off until the last minute.
Especially not this blog that I am so fond of :]
U of I Library, circa 1966

05. 08. 2010
I had a birthday a couple days ago :] I bought mah self a dress

06. 17. 2010
Zooey Deschanel along with M. Ward of She & Him performed a FREE concert in Millennium Park! Her flair for the 60s makes me wanna watch that Cotton commercial all over again. Sorry my ultra weak camera plus a twilight sky made for bad pictures…

07. 25. 2010
Season 4! Season 4! Season 4! Season 4!

I was reading awful collections of Mad Men quotes when I thought, “I should post this but better on my blog!” No boring script lines here, all funny, shocking and/or memorable. Also, The Top Ten Best Mad Men Parodies.

“The reason you haven’t felt it is because it doesn’t exist. What you call love was invented by guys like me, to sell nylons. You’re born alone and you die alone and this world just drops a bunch of rules on top of you to make you forget those facts. But I never forget. I’m living like there’s no tomorrow, because there isn’t one.”

“I hate to break it to you but there is no big lie. There is no system. The universe is indifferent.”

“Mourning is just extended self-pity.”

“Get out of here and move forward. This never happened. It will shock you how much it never happened.”

“Young people don’t know anything…especially that they’re young.”


“Honestly, I think she’s jealous of me. I’ve seen it before, I was in a sorority ”

“You shouldn’t be kissing boys. Boys kiss you.”

“She’s taken to your tools like a little lesbian.”

Arthur: You are so profoundly sad.
Betty: No, my people are Nordic.

“I know people say life goes on, and it does, and no one tells you that’s not a good thing. Why is that?”

At The Office
Bert Cooper: New York City is a marvelous machine filled with a mesh of levers and gears and springs, like a fine watch, wound tight. Always ticking.
Don Draper: Sounds more like a bomb.

Roger Sterling: You don’t know how to drink. Your whole generation, you drink for the wrong reasons. My generation, we drink because it’s good, because it feels better than unbuttoning your collar, because we deserve it. We drink because it’s what men do.

Joan: So, how are things?
Roger: Mr. Hooker has rearranged the secretaries in the pool alphabetically.
Joan: By cup size?
Roger: Well, I know where you’d be sitting.

Roger: Jesus, it’s like Iwo Jima out there. We should put a rubber mat down so Cooper can get around.

Harold Ford: The man is missing a foot. How is he going to work? He can’t walk.
St. John Powell: Doctor said he’ll never golf again.
Harold Ford: I’m afraid we have to re-evaluate our entire strategy.

Pete Campbell: A man like you I’d follow into combat blindfolded, and I wouldn’t be the first. Am I right, buddy?
Don Draper: Let’s take it a little slower. I don’t want to wake up pregnant.

Pete Campbell: I found out yesterday that Head of Accounts is going to Kenny and his haircut.
Joan: You’re hiding a very attractive young girl with too much lunch.

“I’m Peggy Olson. And I want to smoke some marijuana.”

“I know what men think of you. That you’re looking for a husband, and you’re fun, and not in that order.”

“Just keep a continuous lean as the other girls try too hard.”

Greg: “I don’t want to have a fight.”
Joan: “Then stop talking.”

“That’s life, one minute you’re on top of the world, the next minute some secretary is running you over with a lawnmower.”

“Sometimes when people get what they want they realize how limited their goals were.”

Honorable Mentions

“Could I have some of your hair?”

Don: We should get married.
Midge: You think I’d make a good ex-wife?

“Victory medal. France. I should have another for beating the Clap.”
-Grandpa Gene Hofstadt

07. 26. 2010
Always liked this old vending machine at the laundry mat in town.

11. 08. 2010
Hats on men, hats on women, veils on pinned hats. Gloves at the wrist and at the elbow. False eyelashes and beauty marks. Personalized stationary and real mail. Scat. Boxing matches, drive-in theaters, the blues, flying as a fashionable event. Landline phones, aprons, bicycle rides and suspenders. What do all these things have in common? Charm. It is what’s lacking in our lives and probably why we flock to memorabilia. It’s about making small occasions, occasions at all and doing things just because it’d be fun or nice to. Pleasantries and appreciation in general.

Check out this thoughtfully entertaining list that a fellow nostalgia-phile happened upon. Thanks, Gemma!
30 Things That Need to Stage a Comeback

11. 17. 2010
I don’t know why I haven’t thought to mention Very Best Vintage in Chicago’s Ukrainian Village before, but since I got involved in a fashion show and magazine for Dollhouse67, fashion’s been on my mind.

VBV is an impressive vintage clothing shop on Chicago Avenue that has other great finds like shoes, jewelry, art, and decorations as well as other little treasures. Emily, the co-owner who always happens to be working when I’ve stopped in is very nice and always helpful.

They have an impressive selection and circulate their inventory often enough. Check out the reviews on Yelp. Fellow blogger, Grace Ajanaku, who also modeled in the show on Saturday, took some great pictures behind the scenes and even snapped a few pics of our designers.

11. 20. 2010
Drive In Theaters are so cool. You can do anything you want at a drive in and they are so cheap! You can bring all your own snacks and drinks, sit out on lawn chairs, sneak all your friends in the trunk, and talk, laugh, and scream to your heart’s content without bothering the car next door. Visit the site to find all the open ones (and closed ones) in the country, their showtimes (usually dusk), prices and phone number.

 11. 26. 2010
Happy Thanksgiving
Here, pretty birdie…

11. 23. 2010
Windshield Whiskey

UncommonGoods Has up-cycled tumblers made from old windshields.

Get your whiskey on.

The Old-Fashioned:
2 oz. of bourbon
2 dashes of bitters
1 splash of water
1 tsp of superfine sugar
1 maraschino cherry
1 orange wedge

06. 15. 2009
On Envy
We can’t all be as dauntless as Joan. Thankfully she gives some good advice.
“Just keep a continuous lean, as the other girls try too hard.” -Joan Holloway
What Would Joan Holloway Do?

08. 19. 2009
I got a new job! My first serving position! I wont be serving mussels & martinis -but sushi and sake! Any advice? God, tips will be SO nice compared to waiting every two weeks for some ca$h.

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